Call forecasting tool

A browser based system that improves accuracy by removing human error and keeping all details in our secure, central data warehouse.

For most Clients this replaces a plethora of ad hoc spreadsheets across multiple departments, using different basis for analysis and coming to conflicting conclusions.

  • Calculates daily call forecasts across offline channels using 08xx/03xx response numbers
  • Auto-generates daily, weekly and monthly call forecasts and tracks actual calls against these on daily basis with a 3-month maturity projection
  • Quickly reforecasts when things change or campaigns do not drop as expected
  • Point and click to drill down to specific campaigns to quickly see what has caused the actual results to deviate from forecasts
  • Automatically imports Telco call data and integrates with marketing campaign data – refreshed daily
  • No IT or systems integration – fast to set up and works remotely