Call Listening – Call listening Tool

Call Listening – This tool pairs up calls from the same caller, profiles each of these and then categorises them into groups that represent particular problems. Good calls are ignored allowing all of the effort to be focussed solely on the issues.

These issues will be generating overheads, creating a poor customer experience or losing you sales.

We then provide a file of these caller details, with their telephone number, a date and time stamp and other call details so you can literally listen to the “voice of the customer”. Patterns will emerge and you’ll establish what is wrong and what to do about it.

Or we can run a call listening campaign for you ourselves. Our impartial approach may generate additional insights that could otherwise be glossed over, as well as getting you to the answer faster.

The key difference with this approach is that, rather than the traditional approach of listening to 100 calls, where only 10 might be problematic, we target and focus on just the problem calls, 100% of the time.

Call Listening