Customer Effort Score tool

Customer Effort Score tool – Scores 100% of the telephone transactions with your organisation to identify issues and where to target improvements.

Never before have there been such levels of interest in measuring, understanding and improving the customer journey. Why the sudden interest?

Because organisations are increasingly realising that both customer satisfaction (CSAT) and likelihood to recommend (NPS) are poor indicators of future lifetime value.

However, extensive research by Harvard has shown that making it easy for people to do business (minimising Customer Effort) is more indicative of repeat purchase. It’s also easier for staff to understand what they can do to directly reduce effort, whereas satisfaction and recommendation are more slippery to directly influence.

Our system tracks customer effort across seventeen different touch-points and then creates a Customer Effort Score for each unique caller, campaign and call centre.

Customers experiencing the most effort can be identified and proactively managed before they turn their attention to social media. And at a higher level, areas of the organisation that are friction points for all customers can be measured and managed down to acceptable levels.

Beyond Harvard

Customer Effort Score tool