Media performance Dashboard

      Our browser-based Dashboard compares any direct response media and predicts future success. It’s a comprehensive analytical tool with drill downs into Channel, Title, Creative, Test, Size and more using non-geographic (08xx/03xx) response numbers

    • Generates Cost per Call, Cost per Unique Caller, Cost per Sale (using proven algorithms)
    • Automatically imports Telco response data and integrates with marketing Campaign details – refreshed daily
    • Predicts future success using proven algorithms and pro-rated campaign costs. These are applied to response giving an early heads-up on performance, well before campaigns are mature
    • Calculates and trends Response Rates and Media cost, showing seasonality
    • Auto-generates Call forecasts and tracks Actual Calls against these on a daily basis
    • Includes a reporting tool with Excel output
    • Point and click to drill down to specific campaigns, or holistic view up to a year
    • No IT or systems integration – fast to set up and works remotely

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