We work with all major carriers such as Vodafone, BT and Virgin Media and, with a letter of authority from you, can set up automated daily feeds from them containing the raw data of every call made to you.

This data includes the callers’ telephone number, even if withheld, giving us a unique reference for 100% of customer contacts, enabling rich caller behaviour analysis to be generated.

Using algorithms developed over 15 years the data is processed overnight in our secure 4-Sight system. We apply campaign data and business metrics and run bespoke deduplication routines to understand repeat caller behaviour. Then geographic analysis is overlaid to map callers against postcode districts and TV regions.

Finally we provide clients with access to their data, our reporting tools and deep-dive analysis. This can either be 24/7 via one of our browser-based tools or at regular review meetings. Most clients opt for both.