Direct Response media analytics

We’ve developed novel yet proven analytical insights and consulting solutions covering the full breadth of Direct Response channels. As a bonus, all come with independence and objectivity built-in.

A key differentiator is the ability to calculate cost per sale rather than cost per call, proving what advertising is working and what isn’t. Measuring cost per call can erroneously steer Media budgets to what generates high call volumes but low sales.

Direct Response Television (DRTV)

The techniques we employ can help you arrive at the optimum combinations of channel, day-part, programmes and region to maximise sales. Much of TV advertising falls on deaf ears. We’ll show you what to avoid and what to buy.

We are also able to map calls to postcode district and ISBA region. So without the need for expensive post production we can track the performance of each TV region, with just a single, memorable response number.

And as we capture the exact time stamp of each inbound call, we can build a response curve for different spot types at different day parts and then allocate calls back to the appropriate TV spot.

By building an accurate, independent analysis of region, channel, day-part and genre we provide a level of insight most Clients simply won’t get otherwise. By informing our Client’s DRTV media buying strategy we have helped them create some staggering improvements in media effectiveness.

Direct Mail

Response rates and Cost per sale by creative, format, size and so on are quickly accessible using MediaManager to automate the analysis and extract meaningful insights.


With Rapport’s solution, there’s no need to use separate telephone numbers per book or wait up to 18 months to determine your optimum directory strategy. We can give you a ranked, robust cost per sale by book within 4 months of it hitting doormats.


Our ability to match response geographically enables fast and accurate results by postal sector per campaign. As a bonus, we can highlight potential distribution issues that hinder campaign performance – e.g. high volume areas generating zero response.


Testing inserts regionally, a facility offered by many national press and magazine titles, provides fantastic buying opportunities … the challenge is identifying the good ones. We can uncover the specific combinations of region/title/creative/format that work most cost effectively and boost ROI.


Whether National or Regional, we can help uncover huge variations in response rates and cost per sale to help optimise future campaign strategy.