“Rapport identified that 41% of all repeat contact was avoidable...”

Head of Contact Centre


Avoid over-staffing…
reduce avoidable repeat contact

Avoid over-staffing

Avoiding unnecessary repeat calls is arguably the most significant cost saving opportunity available to operational call centres – in our experience across most sectors it accounts for 11% of all calls.

Whilst many companies focus on first call resolution (FCR) as a critical measure of efficiency, many find it difficult to accurately measure or to understand the root causes behind repeat calls.

To help our clients we start by tracking 100% of calls; such as abandoned, engaged and out of hours – not just those that successfully get through to an Agent. We then map all calls to unique callers allowing us to determine the genuine level of first call resolution, track it over time and to provide metrics like the true level of calls per caller.

Our novel call performance system and offline analytics achieve two things:
First they identify when and where in the customer journey repeat calls are generated.
Second we then dig down to understand which specific systems, processes or behaviours are at fault.

The result is targeted interventions that drive significant bottom line savings.