“Their advice on reworking the IVR scripts has led to 4% increase in insurance quotes...”

Head of Insight


Identify hidden bottlenecks…
to quantify and remove waste

Identify bottlenecks

Bottlenecks can develop anywhere in your call handling process; IVR and network failures, misrouted calls, incorrect messages, out-of-hours calls and more.

When problems arise they can quickly snowball, triggering higher levels of repeat calls, longer queues, poor customer experience and falling conversion rates. We deploy a range of novel techniques to quantify and then understand the underlying causes, enabling a higher proportion of callers to get through to your Agents first time.

Our browser-based tracking system and innovative offline techniques analyse performance, identify bottlenecks and quantify the business opportunity they represent.

In the short term sales and brand image can be recovered using our Lost Caller Capture service. This supplies the details of lost callers into your outbound team first thing next day for a courtesy call-back and possibly even a sale.

And we don’t just leave it to your teams to spot problems early. Every day one of our business analysts will log in and review performance – an extra pair of eyes and ears giving you the confidence that everything is running smoothly.

Contact centre performance dashboard