“…for the time and money this became the best MI I could get to highlight operational issues and where to look in order to fix them”

Head of Operations

Thames Water

Improve forecasting…
optimise Agent resources

Improve forecasting

Smoothing the peaks and troughs in response is vital to ensure efficient use of expensive resource, to improve customer experience and ROI.

We do this by providing faster and more accurate, automated forecasting through our browser based Call Forecasting tool.

The graphical outputs show how campaigns perform, day by day, against forecast. Response curves can be produced in minutes and problems like delayed mail or door drops that haven’t been delivered can be instantly spotted. What’s more the system then allows you to re-forecast with a click.

By looking across all activity you can easily see where you’ll need Agents (and where not), and what action to take to avoid unnecessary peaks, allowing more callers to get through quickly.