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Reduce customer effort…
Improve customer experience and lifetime value

Reduce customer effort

How easy are you to do business with over the telephone?

Increasingly organisations understand that the answer to this question is a powerful way to measure performance and to drive change that can improve customer experience, repeat purchase and loyalty. It’s the question behind the increasingly respected metric, Customer Effort Score (CES).

We have incorporated and enhanced the Customer Effort Score methodology, first published in the Harvard Business Review *. This combines measures from up to seventeen telephony touch-points and feeds the results into our browser-based dashboard. Here you can see the performance of each individual touch-point, the overall customer effort score and the trended performance over time.

Armed with this insight you can quickly understand your customer experience, focus management effort and make informed decisions. You can then see, day by day the impact of the changes you have made.

* “Stop trying to delight your customers” – Harvard Business Review