“Their recommendations on extended opening hours will generate an annualised increase in incremental Gross Premiums in the region of £1.2m...”

Head of Insight


Handle more sales calls…
identify and eliminate unproductive calls

Eliminate waste

We find that internal callers, suppliers and competitors routinely account for 5-10% of all calls. They clog customer lines creating longer queues and stopping genuine prospects getting through. What’s more these calls to your Freefone numbers cost you money.

Also, our reporting shows that IVR and network failures can affect as many as 15% of all calls.

Too often these issues go unreported resulting in poor customer experiences and missed opportunities. The damage is often compounded by longer queues and lower conversion as people call back a second and third time.

And as our client Vodafone discovered, Out of Hours calls are the third, frequently overlooked opportunity, often approaching 10% of calls.

Add these and other problem areas together and you can find that up to a third of all calls are wasted. Our Dashboard measures and quantifies the business opportunity of each of these issues helping you eradicate waste and improve conversion and customer experience.

And in the short term, whilst these are being addressed, our Lost Caller Capture service supplies details of those failed callers into your outbound team for them to call back first thing the next day.