“Rapport uncovered valuable hidden issues affecting the customer experience that we were able to fix very quickly - well recommended...”

Senior Propositions Manager


Improve experience and loyalty…
by measuring and reducing Customer Effort

Reduce customer effort

We’ve taken Harvard’s published Customer Effort Score methodology* and enhanced it, providing a more comprehensive and robust measure of “How easy are you to do business with over the telephone?”

This combines continual measures from ten different touch-points in the callers journey which you can view online via our browser-based dashboard.

As well as seeing the performance of each touch-point and trends over time, comparing the performance of each media or call centre. And a customer-centric tool goes even deeper, calculating an overall customer effort score for each unique caller across seventeen touch-points.

Together these provide an accurate understanding of the customer experience, focus management effort and allow immediate action to be taken to reverse potential issues at the earliest opportunity. No more frustrating delays waiting for research companies to compile reports and analyse statistics.

* “Stop trying to delight your customers” – Harvard Business Review