“Within six weeks of their initial analysis there has been a 55% reduction in the cost per sale...”

Current Accounts Marketing Manager

Lloyds Banking Group

Improve advertising conversion…
with smarter campaign reporting

Work smarter

We have a wide range of novel, yet proven reporting techniques that we tailor to your business and to each direct response media. The key to success is to go beyond the simplistic reporting of calls, but also analyse the quality of those calls. We find, that for the same brand, the best campaigns generate more than double the level of high quality calls than the worst.

Accurate and fast reporting of what works efficiently and what generates timewasters has a huge impact on marketing and call centre efficiency.

With our online browser-based analysis tool, MediaManager, you can rank campaign performance across all activity making campaign optimisation refreshingly simple.

This easy to use tool also allows you to drill down to understand performance by creative, title, format, size and a variety of other parameters.

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